01 Jan 2012

What are in ear Monitors?

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In modern stages and studios, you’ll find that the floor wedges that have dominated the past are no longer omnipresent. In their stead, you’ll find a bunch of In Ear Monitors nestled in the ear canals of the performers, a clear indication of the impact of technology.
Basically, In Ear Monitors, also called IEMs for short, perform the same functions as those speakers or wedges on the stage: they provide a performer with the right monitor mix so that he or she will be able to hear the sound properly in order to play music or sing properly as well. Of course, once you do have monitors for yourself, you need to make sure that the sound levels are just right because it is too easy to mess up the mix by pushing the sound a little bit too much on the loud side.
Nowadays, there are a number of reputable brands that provide the market with a vast array of options when it comes to high-quality In Ear Monitors. Performers and musicians can easily get their hands on topnotch monitors off the corner retailer. In addition to that, there are also manufacturers who allow for custom-molded monitors for that truly unique feel and absolutely uncompromising sound. Of course, these monitors can be on the expensive side of the cost spectrum, but many in the industry deem it as a necessity and they really are a sound investment for musicians and audiophiles.
Don’t worry—you don’t have to break the bank just to get your hands on quality In Ear Monitors. Even generic IEMs are made to provide an excellent seal on one’s ears, and these universal products will certainly still provide excellent audio output. If you plan on making your own monitor mix using in-ears, you first need to familiarize yourself with the various types of equipment at your disposal. You might also want to consult experts or audiophiles to find the best in-ear monitor for your needs.
More and more musicians, professionals, and audiophiles are turning to In Ear Monitors to provide them with topnotch audio, no matter if the listening takes place in an arena, on a theater stage, or even at a home studio. The level of control and the portability of modern IEMs—not to mention their general availability on the market—allow these enthusiasts to make the most of their monitor mixes and really experience sound in a whole new way.

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