Setting Up

Click Here to Download the Complete Quick Start Manual

Basic Setups Sequence:

  1. Connect the Floor Box (9) to the Stand Box (4), with the HDMI Cable (6)
  2. Clamp the Stand Box to the Mic stand at a convenient height.
  3. Plug the mic cable, coming from the POSSE Stand Box, into your vocal mic
  4. Plug the Power Supply (2), into the Floor Box or install a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) in the Floor Box battery compartment
  5. Connect the Floor Box, MIC OUT to the House Mixer with an XLR cable
  6. Connect the Floor Box, INST OUT to the house mixer with an XLR cable or a 1/4” phone cable, if you’re using a Direct Box.
  7. Plug your instrument into the front of the Floor Box ..OR…
    • Connect the Floor Box to the Belt Box (3) with the DIN cable (8)
    • Attach the Belt Box to your belt or guitar strap, etc.
    • Connect the Belt Box to your Instrument with the guitar cable (10)
  8. If you are using an unamplified instrument or want to combine mic and pickup signals: plug the INSTRUMENT MIC (5) into the Stand Box.
  9. On the POSSE Stand Box, turn the Master Volume (the top knob) all the way down. Turn on the POSSE (The blue button on the front of the Floor Box).
  10. Give the house sound person, volume and tone levels from your instrument (if you have an on-board preamp). If you’re using the INSTRUMENT MIC, it’s level is set but you can alter your instrument’s preamp output to change the mix.
  11. Plug your earbuds into the Belt Box.
  12. On the Stand Box, set the VOC, INST, ROOM and AUX knobs to 12:00 (straight up).
  13. Slowly bring up the MASTER (around 10:00 is a good starting place).
  14. Adjust the VOC, INST, ROOM and AUX knobs to get your mix.
  15. Push the TUNE button on the Stand Box to tune your instrument