04 Dec 2014

Kickstarter Update! – Lessons Learned & Windscreen Protection

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We’re down to 30 days on our Kickstarter Campaign for the revolutionary new AMK. We’ve learned so much since we went live with the Kickstarter project. Not only because there is a learning curve with KS, but because we’re trying to reach a whole bunch of new people. We’ve been digging into different niche area’s that might be interested in the Ambient Microphone Kit, and received some great feedback from all kinds of people: musicians, audiophiles, sports and safety advocates.


The big update today is about our windscreen protector! Using microphones outdoors, we needed to design something that can efficiently minimize wind noise without being too bulky. We just posted new pictures on kickstarter of our latest prototype with the windscreen protector. The windscreen protector has two parts. The acoustically-transparent screen, which effectively minimizing wind noise when using the AMK outdoors, and the shock-absorbing capsule, designed to keep wind out.

Every one of our backers wants this thing to happen, and we believe this is a game-changing device, we just need to get more people involved! We would like to invite you to flood our inboxes with your demands and ideas for the project. Whether it’s for the design or just helping getting our name out there, or maybe you have an idea for the logo. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you! Time is running out! So check us out on kickstarter, and tell us how you want to experience your ambient sound.

Thanks & Happy Holidays!

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