13 Dec 2014

AMK Cable Wrap Update

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mic wrappedIf you haven’t seen our Kickstarter for the Ambient Microphone Kit yet, check it out and support us! We’ve been grinding away at the “little things” for the AMK. Meaning that we have the big things, the electronic components, figured out. It’s the rest of the kit we’ve been focusing on lately. Last week we gave you an insight into our windscreen protection, which filters out wind noise, making the AMK an ideal safety solution for runners and cyclists who just can’t hit the streets without their tunes!

This week we would like to talk a little bit about wrapping cables. The cable wrap will be one of the most important aspects of our kit. If our wire management solution isn’t light, flexible and easy-to-assemble, its not a winner. But more important than that: will it be comfortable to wear? It’s tough finding a single solution to cover all of that criteria, so we’ve been experimenting with all kinds of tubing: silicone, braided, heat-shrink, fabric, split-cut, spiral-cut, wire-clips, all sorts of tape. There are pros and cons with each choice, but on top of that, there are many variables considering how many different types of headphones are already out there on the market. Some headphone wires have a thickness of up to 4mm! We want this kit to be universal, so the AMK will come with a combination of some of the cable management stuff we’ve been experimenting with, and possibly an extra set designed for thicker cables.

Technology is in a constant state of evolution. There is a set of components we have already picked out for the AMK, and if we had to start manufacturing it today, we believe everyone will be happy with that setup. But we’re always experimenting with new and different components, so you might notice the mic in the picture above is different from our previous update. The mic pictured above is a little bigger than the mics we’re ready to use for the AMK. The difference in sound quality between them is almost negligible, so we’re staying with our first choice.

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