16 Dec 2014

19 Days To Go!

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Today we find ourselves down to 19 days as we approach more Holidays. This is possibly the roughest time of year for a Kickstarter campaign, so we’re going to need all the help we can get!

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The AMK is a kit that enables you to hear whats happening around without having to take your earbuds out when you’re listening to music. This tech was originally designed for performing musicians to be able to talk to eachother on stage with the POSSE Audio PM01. The AMK gives you that same technology an a smaller, more affordable, and portable package.

The facts displayed in the article below are a big reason why we want to branch out from just performing musicians; this device has some serious potential as a safety device.

Below is an excerpt from an article published in May, 2014 by the Baltimore Sun:

“… a 37-year-old Aberdeen man was struck and killed by a CSX train because he was wearing earbuds and didn’t hear it approaching. Last week, an 18-year-old was killed by an Amtrak train in California as she stood on the tracks using earbuds to talk on her cellphone.

‘It’s akin to wearing sunglasses in the dark,’ said Dr. Richard Lichenstein, director of pediatric emergency medicine research at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

In nationwide research published two years ago, Lichenstein documented a threefold increase in the number of serious injuries to pedestrians wearing headphones between 2004 and 2011. The overwhelming majority of victims were, like Plympton, men under age 30. And more than half of the accidents involved trains, many of which had ‘sounded some type of warning horn prior to the crash,’ according to Lichenstein’s research …”

Read the entire article here:

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