06 Jan 2012

Understanding In Ear Systems

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For different locations, different stages, and different performers, there will be a number of different in-ear monitor systems as well. These systems are designed to provide a performer or a musician with the proper mix of sound, since what’s heard on the stage or inside the recording studio will be different from what the crowd or what the listeners will hear. These In Ear Systems are necessary devices that should be part of any professional’s collection, and they have really stormed the industry in recent years.
Basically, the in ear system is a device that helps allow for an audio mix to be fed directly to a musician or a performer. These systems eliminate the need for wedges or speakers that output the particular monitor mix required by the performer, and they also offer better noise cancellation along with better sound. Some In Ear Systems even allow for direct control over the sound right on the stage, so musicians really get that personalized sound and can make variations and adjustments on the fly.
The surge in popularity of In Ear Systems has brought about some good competition between brands. The market is teeming with a large number of options made by different companies, from big-time brands that are already staples in the audio industry to relatively newer additions to the business.
These systems commonly come in the form of a wireless system that is required to transmit the monitor mix straight to the performers’ in ear monitors, and the performer basically has a receiver pack. Every single monitor mix usually has one transmitter, and each in ear monitor also has to have a receiver. The signals are transmitted wirelessly over radio frequencies like UHF and VHF, although the UHF In Ear Systems usually fetch for more because they provide better sound and are less likely to suffer from interference.
Getting in ear monitor systems requires some careful consideration, from the budget to the needs of the performer or the location or stage. In addition, one also has to consider if the system is okay for the in ear monitors themselves, as they will be the final stop of the system’s signals. Just make sure you don’t end up with In Ear Systems that will just distract you or affect your music even more. These are high-tech systems, but they still need to be simple enough to be controlled properly while still providing excellent audio.

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