12 Jan 2012

Posse, Aviom, and Shure: 3 Heavyweights battle it out for in ear system supremacy!

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When it comes to in ear monitor systems, the first names that will come into any musicians head are Aviom, Shure, and Posse. These 3 brands produce the best systems for reasonable prices and are the brands of choice of many musicians. But, which one of the 3 is really the best of them all? Read on to find out in our comparison test.

The Contenders
For this test, we will be comparing in ear systems with similar prices and specifications from the big 3. We have chosen to compare the Aviom A-16II, Shure P2TR215CL, and the Posse Audio Personal on Stage Sound Environment Monitor System.

Aviom A-16II
The Aviom A-16II is an update to the original Aviom A-16 and has the same 16 mixer channels with the addition of nifty features such as automatic detection of the output so the mixer wil know if the device plugged into the audio out is a stereo or a mono. Another unique feature is that it has a so-called global trim function which can isolate the audio from your input while reducing the output from the other sources. It has the standard LED readout for volume, pan.spread control, and channel statuses. It also has the ability to create a preset mix with up to three groups of outputs. The A-16II sells online for around $620 on sweetwater.com.


Shure P2TR215CL

The Shure P2TR215CL meanwhile would be for those who would want a wireless solution to their in ear monitors. Its signals are strictly mono and it is limited to only 8 frequencies. It has a nice feature of having the capacity to have at least 2 devices plugged into the transmitter. These 2 line-level signals can be mixed and matched on the go. The addition of their sound-isolating earphones is a big plus. Who says going wireless can get you everything you want? The Shure set retails for $599 on sweetwater.com.


Posse Audio Personal on Stage Sound Environment Monitor System

With the long name of this product, there are also a lot of features packed right into it. The Posse (for short) has the distinction of being the only one among the three with a line of sight tuner and very visible mixer controls. It has built in condenser mics to combine the sound of the crowd and the venue. It isn’t wireless, but you can power it either from a battery or from the mains. It also has an output for recording whatever you will be playing. It also has a stereo input for your digital music player if you want to add samples into your mix. The Posse retails for $499 on zzounds.com

The Comparisons:
Right from the get-go, the Posse has a clear advantage in that it is the non-traditional mixer among the three. There are lots of input and output options for it that it will be a very flexible mixer for whatever the user will need. In terms of usability and mobility, the Shure and Aviom are still good contenders. The Shure has the wireless capability and included earphones while the Aviom can mix in up to 16 channels with LED readouts. In terms of price, the Posse is the cheapest at $499 with free shipping while the Aviom and the Shure retail above $600.

The Verdict:
Clearly, with its myriad features at a spectacularly low price, the Posse is the best in ear monitor system out there right now in the market!

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