29 Nov 2011

How To Setup A Monitor Mix

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Having the proper mix during a performance, no matter where it’s taking place, is perhaps as important to the performer as talent itself. Without the right sound mix, the performance will simply be bad and the sounds will all come out wrong. With proper understanding of the venue, the mixing consoles, and audio mixing in general, the right kind of monitor mix can be achieved and the performance will surely go well.

A monitor mix can be done in a variety of ways. Sound engineers are tasked with operating the equipment and getting the right kind of sound going in certain areas of the venue, from the stage to the crowd. It’s also up to them to make sure that no feedback occurs and that the sound produced will be perfect for the hearing of the people in attendance as well as for the benefit of the performers themselves. As the performance goes on, there may be adjustments that have to be made. Adjusting the monitor mix for changes in the sound is critical in order to achieve the best possible result.

Of course, if you’re the type of performer who wants to do things a certain way, there are also numerous options to get your hands on your own personal monitor mix. How many times have you tried to adjust and deal with bad mixes from house engineers, only to end up cranking out a bad sound for your gig? The best way to ensure that everything involving the sound mix itself is in your hands is to get a personal mixer.

Personal mixers offer a wide range of controls for the performer. From master volume controls to on and off switches for tuners to stereo ambience volume, these are the things one can put his or her finger on during the performance—as long as he or she has a quality personal mixer on hand. No longer will these aspects of the monitor mix be left to chance.

Performers have the choice to go with the house mix of the venue’s sound engineers or get their own personal mixing equipment for a fully personalized sound. Either way, as long as the dynamics are properly plated and the monitor mix rendered properly, then there’s nothing that can get in the way of an epic performance and the crowd getting up on their feet and going wild with the sound.

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