08 Jan 2012

In Ear Monitoring Systems for Today’s Musician

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If there’s one piece of equipment that musicians nowadays can’t do without, it’s probably the monitor system. Before the advent of reliable and high-quality In Ear Monitoring Systems that are freely available off the shelves of major stores, everyone were relying on large and bulky wedge speakers to blast out the monitor mix for the particular venue. When the IEMs became more prevalent, performers could get the monitor mix straight into their ears, allowing for clearer sound, better fidelity, as well as providing additional noise isolation and cancellation.

Musicians and performers look for many qualities in their In Ear Monitoring Systems. Naturally, this device is an essential part of ensuring that the performance will sound good—and they aren’t free, too, so the investment must be considered carefully. Especially when it comes to personal monitor mixers, there’s has to be the right set of functions to give the performer full control.
In Ear Monitoring Systems can be either of the one-way type or of the two-way variety. One-way systems are basically on just one driver at full frequency, similar to most of the various headphones you’ll find on the market. There are also two-way systems that make use of something called a crossover circuit, which then splits the single signal into two bands for two drivers (which render hi/mid frequencies and the bass). Two-way systems are generally considered to provide better fidelity as well as better audio quality.

Given their functions and specializations, In Ear Monitoring Systems can be a tad pricey. The in ear monitors are different from the standard earphones available commercially for most consumers. For one, consumer ‘phones don’t usually offer the great fit and noise cancellation that monitors do, and their drivers may not be on par in terms of quality. That said, it’s important to keep an in ear monitor system in excellent condition to ensure long service life.

Don’t hesitate to scout for top-quality In Ear Monitoring Systems if you’re really interested in taking control of your monitor mix no matter where you perform. Be it the stage, an arena, a club, or a studio, having a reliable monitor system should definitely be on your priority list. Make sure you consider the options carefully since there are already a ton of different systems available on the market. This way, you’ll have a monitoring system that’s really going to fit your own style and your sound.

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