04 Jan 2012

Affordable Audio Mixing Consoles For Sale

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When it comes to audio mixing, everything has to be set up properly in every single audio mixing console. After all, these are the devices that dictate how your output audio will really sound—both to the performers and to the listeners. Here, we’ll be discussing the structure of audio mixing consoles—the inputs and controls that make up the whole device.

The channel inputs, also known as the channel input strip, of the mixing console are made of a variety of sections. Here, you’ll find the different input faders, mic preamplifiers, and input jacks. This section also houses the equalization settings, the portion for the processing of the sound dynamics like gating and compression of the dynamic range, and the routing and subgroup assignments. Routing involves the various aux-sends, the panning control, and also the direct outs. Aux-send, or auxiliary send routing involves splitting a signal to a secondary bus for use with other external devices, and these utilize either pre- or post-fader sends.

The master output controls section is usually found on the mixer’s right hand side or along the center. The master controls include the main output fader controls as well as the subgroup controls. Other components in this section are the controls for the master auxiliary mixing bus levels. Depending on the console, the section may also contain talk-back mic controls, monitoring controls, and muting controls. The layout for the controls usually changes depending on the size and type of the mixing console.

There’s also one more section in audio mixing consoles. This section is for metering, where each channel gets level readouts on VU or peak meters. These help determine if the console happens to be clipping the signal already. Clipping is a distortion that happens with an overdriven amplifier, leading to it trying to deliver voltage that’s outside the amp’s capacity. The metering section is usually located above the sections for input and master controls, although some mixing consoles simply have meters that are integrated straight into those aforementioned sections.

Experienced sound engineers and operators that use audio mixing consoles are all already familiar with the layout of the particular console or mixer that they’re working with. Familiarization is an important factor in the proper control of a console, and it really does help the operator get the proper monitor mix for whatever performance is going on at any given time. That’s why those handling a new mixer console definitely need to take some time to become well-acquainted with the various sections. Once You familiarize yourself with a good Audio Mixing Console, be sure to couple it with our affordable POSSE Audio System!


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